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EVER THOUGHT OF GOING ON the famous     El Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage?  

                Or are you just a little STUCK in your SPIRITUAL growth?  If so,read on ...

Six years ago today – September 11, 2012 – I boarded a plane in Phoenix, Arizona, headed for Spain to walk El Camino de Santiago de Compostela.


El Camino was actually intended as a training ground for my main pilgrimage to India. What set the wheels in motion, however, was my partner’s decision that we take a year-long relationship sabbatical.


Becoming Love is a book specifically about my experience walking The Way, released in a limited edition in June 2018 and now birthing its 2nd edition. 



If you're interested in having me guest blog on your website to give your readers a taste of El Camino & what it’s like to plunge feet-first into a pilgrimage that millions have taken, going back centuries, please get me shout here



From meditating in medieval churches and sleeping in drafty auberges to cavorting in the streets with gigantes y cabazudos (Giants and Big Heads

at Spain’s ancient festivals... 


and sipping wine in CELTIC INNS on misty mountaintops

not to mention walking almost 500 miles, at times with swollen kneecaps, blistered feet and soggy clothing... 


El Camino is a wonderful fusion of fun, child-like magic and profound spiritual transformation.


So whether you’re planning on going on a pilgrimage or you just want explore a deeper relationship with yourself and others, these posts will tickle your soul and ignite the imagination.


I look forward to lively conversations with any and all interested in the pursuit of peace and happiness – and I’m glad to answer questions about the practicalities of walking the Camino, as well.  


Keep watching for My Camino Series, which I’ll begin posting next week up to the release of my book. If you want to get on my book launch list, you can contact me on social media or RIGHT HERE.


I hope to chat with you soon, Pilgrim!


Buen Camino! (That’s what pilgrims say on The Way).

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