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Stories to create peace from the inside out

                                         MY CAMINO WAY SERIES 

My Camino pilgrimage was part of a year-long relationship sabbatical framed within a greater journey to grow spiritually so that my relationship with my partner, myself and with GOD would blossom as I continued on my soul path as a Peace Educator.  It was such a powerful experience, I decided to write a book about it.  It's called BECOMING LOVE. 

My Camino Way Series includes excerpts from the book and gives additional insights into what it's like to jump feet first into a pilgrimage, and how a spiritual sabbatical can transform all the relationships in your life - beginning with the relationship you have with yourself and your soul - and even help you heal the communities in which you live.  To begin reading my Camino Series click here. For example: 

  • In the first article of My Camino Way Series, I write about Ernest Hemingway as my dӧpelganger and how, through certain synchronicities, I was gently awakened to its significance.  

  • And in the second article, You Should Do El Camino Way, I share my experience with yet another synchronicity that nudged me in the direction of El Camino Trail in the first place. 

  • The third article, Embracing Your Inner Fire, focuses on various aspects of the relationship sabbatical, how it works and how important it is in the big picture of peace. 

The relationship sabbatical is part of a growing trend in the spiritual movement that's happening all around the world.  

It is my hope that, in reading my articles, you will take something away that nourishes your soul. We're all pilgrims on the journey of life - and we're in it together.

If you’re considering El Camino Way as a relationship sabbatical or simply for your own spiritual growth. There’s plenty of information on El Camino trail and many ways to walk it. So, if anything has resonated with you while reading this, it may be a special sign, divinely arranged just for you.  

Buen Camino, Pilgrim   

Robert Stewart
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