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For over 110 years, Rotary has been struggling with how to achieve its Peace Mission. Building onthe priciples contained in the Rotary International publication Seven Paths to Peace (1957), this book begins the process of dialogue among Rotarian Peace Leaders to form a Collaborative and direct action to fill the Peace Leadership and Peace Education gaps within Rotary and the world, and accomplish our mission. According to author and Rotarian Robert Stewart, "We could be one decision away from world peace, and that is a civil society and Rotarian Peace Leaders' Collaborative deciding to tackle peace like we tackled polio." And Polio Plus Incorporated a strategic strategic, holistic, systemic, inclusive, big-picture perspective. Rotary has the opportunity and potential to facilitate a state of balance and harmony in the world. We can be facilitators to opposing sides, bringing a neutral, apolitical process to transform conflicts. We can help coexisitence for peace in our communities and world, so that everyone can live their lives free of the daily challenges of survival - safe families, safe communities, safe countries and a safe world. As Paul Harris said in "This Rotarian Age" (1935), this is not a Utopian dream... Rotary can do this. This world needs Rotary to step up and accomplish its potential.


The purpose of this book is to find and further develop Peace Leaders and prospective Peace Leaders within Rotary (and ultimately within our communities) and to help them build peace at home and around the world. The intention is to help Rotary manifest the following:

  • A list of Rotarian Peace Leaders, peacebuilders and peace educators;
  • A Rotarian Strategic Plan for Peace, including a process for regular updating;
  • A Rotarian Peace Information System (a combination of Rotarian peace website, Wikipedia, Facebook, Linked-In, etc., to connect, inform and support;
  • A Rotarian Peace Toolkit, to educate and improve peace literacy; to raise peace consciousness levels;
  • A Rotarian Peace Plus Process and Program. A process to help in the creation of Community Culture of Peace programs around the world;
  • An initial Peace Fund of $10,000,000+ to support important peace programs;
  • With the support of partner agencies, an annual investment of $1 Billion+ for peace education around the world (this is the current amount being invested in the eradication of polio);
  • Regular meetings of peace-mandated Rotary International staff and Rotarian Peace Leaders, with the objective of achieving our Rotary Peace Mission;
  • Creation of other peace programs, such as a Junior Peace Achievement, Life Skills, Peace Coaching.


Robert Stewart, CPA, CMC and recipient of the YMCA Peace Medal, has been a leader in peacebuilding for more than two decades. It was at the Rotary International Conference in Calgary, Alberta in 1996 that Robert heard the same message from several keynote speakers, such as RI President Herb Brown, and Nobel Prize winners Oscar Arias and Betty Williams. That message? "Peace is the most worthwhile cause and you should do something about it." Since then, Robert has been working on how to help Rotary achieve its Peace Mission. His travels have taken him from Yellowknife, NWT, to France, Spain, Portugal, and twice to India. He has also visited numerous places in the U.S. for retreats, workshops and other spiritual events. He has a special spot in his heart for Sedona, Arizona. Stewart lives in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada with transformational life-coach Anne-Marie Collette. 


Rotarian Peace Leaders' Collaborative; Paperback Book

SKU: ISBN 978-1-7753840-4-5
  • Net proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards peace education.

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