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(E-Book Downloadable PDF in A4 European format.)

Written by Rotary Peace Fellow, Wesley Hedden & Commissioned by the Rotarian Action Group for Peace, this participatory action research project offers answers to the following question: How can the Rotary network optimize its peace leadership efforts in the world? This research also addresses a second question: What insights can peace researchers and practitioners draw from the Rotary network about peace leadership?

This research is situated within the growing body of literature on peace leadership, and explores its intersectionality with youth leadership and social network theory. It presents a case study of the Rotary peace leadership network in action.

This research finds that Rotary can optimize its peace leadership efforts in five ways:
1) Connect the peacebuilding dots within the Rotary network;
2) Use peacebuilding as a platform for engaging youth in the Rotary network;
3) Leverage the Rotary Peace Fellowship for maximum long-term impact;
4) Enhance peace education for Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Rotexers;
5) Create safe and inclusive spaces for dialogue and collaboration across the network.
This research suggests that a network-based approach to peace leadership, while complex and non-linear, can be an effective means of promoting ownership and impact in peace leadership processes. This research also posits a new definition of peace leadership: the mobilization of a network’s people and resources to promote Positive Peace+ at all levels. Positive Peace+ refers to the 8 Pillars of Peace measured by the Institute for Economics and Peace, coupled with Rotary’s 4-Way Test.

The Call of Duty - Fulfilling Rotary's Peace Leadership Promise (PDF A4 Format)

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  • This downloadable e-book is a PDF e-book formated in A4. The e-book is also available in North American 8 1/2 x 11" page format. If you are requiring the North American format, please purchase the other product rather than this. 

    You will need a pdf viewer to read it such as ADOBE Acrobat Reader.

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